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WWSLEK - New mobile axle weighing kit for vehicle weighing

The Dini Argeo axle weighing kits are the easiest and most cost-effective solution for weighing any type of road vehicle directly where needed, which saves space, time and money.

An axle weighing kit offers great flexibility of use, as it can weigh a wide range of vehicles regardless of the number of axles.

The Dini Argeo axle weighing product line now includes the new WWSLEK kit, which is very simple and intuitive to use. It is designed to quickly weigh any vehicle entering or leaving the company, and provides a printed receipt of the weighing report.

• Total capacity 20,000 kg and 10 kg resolution
• Loading surface 700 x 450 mm per platform; 2 platforms per axle
• 4 carrying handles
• New, sturdier carry case, with setup for padlocks and shoulder straps
• Built-in printer
• New IP67 connectors
• Calculation of the sum of the vehicle axles
• Calculation of the difference between the first and second weigh

Available ready for delivery.

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