New DST Software Simulates
3590 Touch Screen Indicators on PC

Dear Customer,
We are pleased to introduce DST, the simulation program designed to run the AFxx application software of the 3590 Touch Screen indicators on your PC. By using DST, you will benefit from a number of advantages:

• Test and discover, comfortably from your PC, all the features and innovations offered by each version of the desired application program
• Analyse system feasibility, simulating the customer-specific solution in advance
• Correctly calculate configuration costs, increasing the added value of the system
• Carry out commercial demonstrations, allowing the end user to experience a preview of the potential of the Dini Argeo touch screen indicators
• Step-by-step replication of the operator’s tasks, considerably simplifying support

Main features:

• Weight simulation with 4-channel digital potentiometer
• Built-in serial terminal to send controls and simulate barcode scanning
• Virtual printer
• Management of PC serial ports for communication with external devices
• Digital input/outputs and analogue output diagnostics
• Communication with DiniTools and Dini Display Tool

Simulatable software:
• AF01
• AF02
• AF03
• AF04
• AF05
• AF08
• AF09

To display the full technical data sheet, click HERE

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